PROJECT NUMBER: № 2020-1-BG01-KA226-VET-095173

The Erasmus + project “Innovative Keys for Social Entrepreneurship: Piloting for VET Providers Readiness Innovative practices in a digital era” was official launched on April 28th. It gathered all consortium partners composed of universities, public institutions, VET providers, research centers and NGO. The variety and a range of expertise of partners is complementary and indispensable to develop the innovative e-learning platform for VET providers and Social Entrepreneurs. Altogether, the project involves 6 full partners from 4 EU countries and the Ministry of Labour and social policy in Bulgaria as associated partner.
The partners were officially welcomed by the President of InnoGrowth, Mrs. Tanya Trayanova and by dr. Teodora Todorova from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Bulgaria. Dr. Todorova emphasised the importance of the project for the future of the Social entrepreneurship not only in Bulgaria but also in all over the Europe.
Main objectives of the meeting were to set the official start of the project, establish relations between all partners, provide clarification and define the specific work that each participant is going to make in the following months.
The second day of  the kick-off meeting continued with the clarification about the administrative & financial rules. A special session was dedicated  to explain the Risk Management Plan, the Quality Management Plan and the Communication & Dissemination Plan. These three documents was prepared during the first month of the project and are an indelible part of implementation process.