InnoGrowth-European Association for Innovation and Growth

is a Bulgarian registered non-profit association.
InnoGrowth operate as an innovation agency and strives to develop integrated support services in the fields of innovation, eco-sustainability, knowledge and technology transfer and training.

Aris – professional training and research

was founded in 1987 with the aim of delivering and design integrated project in the field of professional training, advanced research and counselling.
Main areas of expertise are:
– VET, coaching and  …

The Universitat Jaume I (UJI)

was established in 1991 to provide a unified identity to university faculties and schools operating in the area of Castellon. The service-orienteers of UJI enables students and lecturers to participate in a myriad of joint activities with society’s members.

The Italian National Agency for Microcredit

is a non-economic public body, which performs important functions in the field of microfinance at national and international level. Specifically, it works for the promotion, orientation, facilitation, evaluation and monitoring of microfinance instruments and initiatives promoted by the EU and the Italian government, both in Europe and in developing/transitioning countries, for economic and social development.

Ankara Directorate of National Education (ADNE)

is the second biggest local authority after the Ministry of National Education in Turkey (MoNE). It is responsible for the planning, coordination and management of all kinds of educational and training activities from pre-primary schools to high schools including all kinds of vocational, technical, and Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools from K12 to adult education in 25 districts of Ankara.

Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centre“ (DP BGCPO)

combines five Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centres, which have been established in the period 1993-2010 as the largest German investment in the field of adult vocational training in Bulgaria. Its functions are regulated in the Rules of Procedure, adopted by the Council of Ministers.

DP BGCPO is an important tool for implementing active labour market policies and contributing to solve those problems related to the qualification of the workforce.

DP BGCPO has a functioning internal quality assurance system for vocational training according to Ordinance 2 of the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of 8.9.2015 and is certified under ISO 9001: 2015.

DP BGCPO is a pilot training institution in the framework of the adult vocational guidance and training system for the transfer of good practices and positive experiences. Moreover, it leads in the field of innovation related to training quality and attractiveness of adult learning process, linking training with business and placing emphasis on the practice – Article 60a, para. 3, item 2 of the EPA.

DP BGCPO has been a member of the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) since 1998.