Programme: Erasmus + KA2
Project number: 2020-1-BG01-KA226-VET-095173
Duration: 04/04/2021 – 03/04/2023

Lead Partner: European Association for Innovation and Growth (Bulgaria)
Arisprofessional training and research center (Italy)
Universitat Jaume I de Castellón (Spain)
Ankara Directorate of National Education (Turkey)
National Agency for Microcredit (Italy)
Bulgarian-German VET Center – (Bulgaria)

Associated partner:
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (Bulgaria)


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of education and training institutions all over the world, several initiatives have been taken to ensure continuity of the learning and teaching through this period. To capture the variety of initiatives that have been undertaken, the European Commission launched an online survey. The survey has been opened on 18th March 2020. For what can be observed a vast number of online courses/learning modules is available. However they are mostly NOT VET specific.

General objectives:
IKSE project will focus on building capacity to implement online, blended, and distance teaching and learning; to develop digital pedagogical competences of VET Actors, Professionals and End Users enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education. Moreover, it will support them in using high-quality digital content such as innovative online resources and tools in the field of Social Entrepreneurship.

Specific objectives:
In first place, to deploy innovative digital tools and methods to deliver quality and inclusive education through online/virtual means, including blended teaching, training and learning. In second place, to support learners, teachers and trainers in adapting to online/ distance learning. In third place, to promote safer and more responsible use of digital technology. And fourthly, to define how to best incorporate digital online technology into subject-specific teaching, training and learning, including work-based learning.

Expected results:
  • Toolbox
  • E- learning Training Course for E-learning Designers and VET Key Actors
  • Piloting the System: 4 Drivers for Social Entrepreneurship Key Competencies
  • E-Learning Platform
  • Roadmap and Policy Recommendation


1. Blended mobility for learners:
February 2022 (Spain)

2. Blended mobility for Staff:
2023 – January (Italy)


December 2021  Italy, Spain, Turkey

February 2023 Bulgaria (Final conference)